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Dive into a tropical paradise with Tutti Frutti Slime, the latest sensory delight from Gootopia! Each handful of this extraordinary slime will transport you to a world of vibrant colors and luscious fruit scents, making it a truly unique experience.


Tutti Frutti Slime is crafted using Gootopia's innovative slime formula, ensuring a texture that is both spongey and stretchy, ideal for tactile exploration. It's the perfect choice for de-stressing after a hectic day or for keeping your hands engaged while focusing on other tasks.


What truly sets Tutti Frutti Slime apart are its delightful mix-ins. Filled with multi-colored spongey jelly cubes, this slime offers a playful and visually stimulating experience. As you squeeze and stretch the slime, you'll also discover tropical fruit pieces that add an extra dimension of fun.


The fruity scent of Tutti Frutti Slime is another highlight, evoking a blend of tropical fruits that will invigorate your senses. Its vibrant, multicolored appearance not only adds to the visual enjoyment but also makes it a standout addition to any slime collection.


Like all Gootopia products, Tutti Frutti Slime is user-friendly and easy to clean. In case of any spills on fabrics or carpets, a simple vinegar solution will do the trick for a hassle-free cleanup.


Gootopia's Tutti Frutti Slime offers a sensory journey filled with colour, texture, and aroma. It's not just a playful toy but a delightful way to immerse yourself in the essence of a tropical fruit paradise. Whether you're an avid slime fan or seeking a new sensory experience, Tutti Frutti Slime is sure to captivate and charm you.

Gootopia Tutti Frutti

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