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Introducing Gootopia's Kiwi Krush Slime - a sensational way to experience the tropical vibes of a juicy kiwi fruit!

Crafted with Gootopia's signature slime formula, this Kiwi Krush Slime is a tactile delight that you won't want to put down. Its stretchy, squishy texture is perfect for relieving stress, and provides a satisfying sensory experience for all ages.

The kiwi fruit is known for its unique combination of sweet and tangy flavors, and this slime perfectly captures that essence with its delicious kiwi scent. The bright green color of the slime is reminiscent of the vibrant hues of a real kiwi, making it a fun and visually appealing addition to any slime collection.

But what really sets the Kiwi Krush Slime apart is its mix-in. The addition of clay kiwi pieces  gives the slime a unique texture that's different from any other slime out there. It's an exciting and unexpected twist that enhances the overall sensory experience.

Not only is Gootopia's Kiwi Krush Slime a fun sensory toy, but it's also easy to clean up. If it gets on your clothes or carpets, just use vinegar to remove it without any hassle.

Overall, Gootopia's Kiwi Krush Slime is a fun and unique way to experience the fruity goodness of a kiwi. Whether you're a seasoned slime enthusiast or just looking for a new way to relax and unwind, this Kiwi Krush Slime won't disappoint.

Gootopia Kiwi Krush Slime

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