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Get ready for a sour apple sensation with Gootopia's Sour Apple Slime! This amazing slime is infused with a delicious scent of green apples that will transport you to an orchard full of juicy fruits.


Crafted with Gootopia's incredible slime formula, this Sour Apple Slime is incredibly satisfying to play with. Its stretchy and squishy texture makes it perfect for anyone who loves sensory play or wants to relax and unwind.


The Sour Apple Slime also has a unique feature - its sourness! This special ingredient gives the slime an exciting twist that makes it stand out from other slime varieties. You'll love the tangy and zesty sensation as you play with it.


The texture is smooth and squishy, making it perfect for stretching, pulling, and squeezing to your heart's content.


Not only is Gootopia's Sour Apple Slime fun to play with, but it's also easy to clean up. If it gets on your clothes or carpets, just use vinegar to remove it without any hassle.


Gootopia's Sour Apple Slime is a fantastic addition to any slime collection, perfect for anyone who loves sour apple candy or apple-themed products.

Get your hands on Gootopia's Sour Apple Slime today and indulge your senses with its unique scent and texture.

Gootopia SourApple Slime

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