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Introducing Gootopia's Go Bananas Slime, the ultimate sensory experience for all the banana enthusiasts out there! This amazing slime boasts a delightful banana scent that will transport you to a tropical island.


What's more, this slime also contains banana mix-ins, which give it a unique texture and vibrant color. You'll love stretching and squeezing the slime to discover all the fun banana surprises hidden inside.

Crafted with Gootopia's fantastic slime formula, this Go Bananas Slime is incredibly satisfying to play with. Its stretchy, squishy texture feels amazing in your hands, making it perfect for anyone who loves sensory play or simply wants to unwind.


One of the best things about Gootopia's Go Bananas Slime is that it's easy to clean up. If it accidentally gets on your clothes or carpets, simply use vinegar to remove it without any hassle.

Whether you're young or old, you'll enjoy playing with Gootopia's Go Bananas Slime. It's a fun and unique toy that makes a great gift for anyone who loves bananas or slime. So why wait? Add this incredible slime to your collection today and go bananas!

Gootopia Go Bananas Slime

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