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Step into a world of whimsical play with Gootopia's Bubbly Jubbly Slime, a sensory delight brimming with colourful hundreds and thousands and the sweet aroma of bubblegum.


Crafted with Gootopia's signature velvety and malleable texture, this slime is perfect for moulding, stretching, and squeezing. It's an ideal pick for stimulating both the mind and the fingers, providing endless amusement and a comforting sensory experience.


Adorned with a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands, Bubbly Jubbly Slime offers a visual feast akin to a confectioner's dream. The bubblegum fragrance enhances the experience, evoking the joyous days of childhood with every playful stretch.


As with all Gootopia slimes, it's hassle-free to tidy up, ensuring the fun is as carefree as it is captivating.


Gootopia Bubbly Jubbly Slime

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